Get the look with this "That's Who We R" power bank.

This item has the "That's Who We R" logo on the bottom right corner of the cover.  Some images shown to help understand how the device works feature the REALTOR® logo, but all product ordered with this item number (RTS4749) will have the "That's" logo.  To order this product with the REALTOR® logo search for RTS4613N.

USB-C is THE new charging standard, and will be used on most new devices soon. USB-C will be used for data and charging on new laptops, speakers, many cell-phones, and all google devices. Charge your devices without the hassle of carrying all your cords for each device! There are four cables built into this power bank! Makes it perfect for any travel!

Instructions for usage: Click Here

Price: $29.99




     Price Each 

    • Charge Android & Apple smart phones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, iPads, Laptops, and more
    • 5,000 mAh Power Bank with built in cables
    • Ports include: USB, Mini USB, Lightning and USB-C
    • Product Size: 4.68" x 2.57" x 1.07"
    • Product Color: White Battery with Blue Trim
    • Product Material: Durable Acrylic
    • Packaging: White tuck-flap box
    • Ships from: Palatine, IL