Preorder now for shipments starting mid October. 

If you order other items with the lightbox we will backorder the lightbox and ship it when it becomes available and ship all other items under their normal schedule. 

Based on all the overwhelming interest in the "Ignite Others Lightboxes" used at the 2023 Leadership Summit we are offering this item for sale. 

Size is 8" x 8" x 8"

2200 mAh internal lithium battery to stay lit for 8-10 hours, or it can be plugged in for continuous use

Will need to be charged and drained a couple of times for the full 8-10 hour capacity

Includes remote control that has buttons for 4 "color-changing modes" and "16 different static colors"

Item has "Ignite Others" logo on all 4 sides

Price: $89.99




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