What is Volume Discounts by Category?

With CATEGORY-based volume discounts, you get a discount based on the number of items purchased from that category. Buying multiple pins, but they are all different? Receive a percentage off those pins based on our Category-based volume discount.

You may want more than one item, but may not need 2 of the same exact product. At the same time, if you DO need to order a high volume for resale or promotional purposes, you need the best price to pass along the value to your members.


The more items you buy, the more you save.:

PINS: Combine all your pins together for a bulk discount.
*Excluding RTS4283, RTS4284, RTS2998, RTS8000, RTS8001, and RTS8002


      • 1 REALTOR of the Year Pin: $14.95
      • 1 Board President Pin: $7.95
      • 1 Past President Pin: $7.95
      • 1 Director Pin: $7.95

Purchased Individually: $38.80; Purchased Together: $25.20

APPAREL: Combine all your apparel items together for a bulk discount.
*Excluding RCG1131-B, RCG1131-F, RCG1140, ROI1000, RTS4510, and RTS4660


    • 1 Twill Shirt (RCG1101): $29.99
    • 1 Pique Golf Shirt (RCG1110): $29.99
    • 1 Nike Golf Ladies Dri-FIT 1/2-Zip (RCL3095): $89.99
    • 1 Womens Blazer (RCL3061): $64.99

Purchased Individually: $214.96; Purchased Together: $182.72

OTHER ITEMS: Many items have their own volume discount.

Discounts are automatically applied in your cart.

For example: Buy a jacket, a twill shirt, and a polo, receive 10% apparel. Buy a REALTOR® Pin, a Military Veteran Pin, an Affiliate Pin, and a Glitter Pin, receive 35% off pins.

Best of all, the discounts are automatically applied to your cart. No coupon-codes, no after purchase adjustments...just a great deal at check out. Want to see how it works? Add items to your cart and watch the savings add up!